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Welcome to Dublin Athletics 2013! If you are interested in athletics, then this blog is for you. Athletics is exciting like any other sport. Watching the athletes running on the track or jumping over the bar can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.

Athletics is mostly an individual sport, except the relay races where athletes have to perform as a team.

This sport doesn’t need any expensive equipment and depends mostly on the individual athlete’s ability. Unlike other sports like soccer or basketball, you don’t have to wait for hours to see the results.

In this blog, you will read articles on various athletic events taking place in Europe and the participating athletes or teams. Athletic tournaments are great to watch, so you can plan and make time to watch your favourite athlete competing by knowing about the upcoming tournaments or events.

You will also find articles on how the athletes train before any tournament. You will know more about the star players and their previous sports records. You will read interviews with the best athletes in Europe and get inspired by them.

They will give you tips on how to improve your athletic performance and also share their journey with you.

We always keep our blog updated with new articles. You will read new articles almost every day and get the latest athletics news as well. You will know which athlete has performed better in the past tournaments and who have the potential to win in the upcoming events. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog.