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Athletic events take place throughout the year. European athletics events get special attention as lots of countries participate in these events and we get to see the performance of some of the best athletes in the world.

Here are the upcoming European athletic events and tournaments that you can look forward to.

Madrid Athletics Meeting 2020

This tournament has been going on for three decades. We have seen some great athletes like Said Aouita, Edwin Moses, and others performing extraordinarily and winning the hearts of millions of people.

It is the ultimate gathering place for the world’s top athletes. It usually takes place in the summer months of every year.

European Masters Athletics Festival for Silver Age

This event will take place in Italy in April. This event is organized to promote the important role sports can play in enhancing health, developing social skills and allowing active ageing. The event has participants who are over 60 years of age.

2020 European Athletics Championships

It is an international athletics competition among the different European countries. It will be held in August this year in Paris. It is one of the biggest European athletics tournaments and gathers a lot of viewers from all over the world.

These events give a platform for people to show their sporting skills. The competitions are highly recognized, and people eagerly wait for these events every year to see their favourite athletes perform.